Methods of Carpet Cleaning that are Used by Carpet Cleaners

Carpets keep our feet warm and improve the appearance of the room, but they need special maintenance to last long. How long does it take for you to get carpet cleaning professionals to dust, tough stains and disinfected your carpet? When you a have the carpet cleaned regularly, you are less likely to experience severe allergy attacks like sneezing. How many carpet cleaning services do you know and how many have you used?

Bonnet cleaning employs the uses of a heavy-duty motorized machine that has a spinning pad. The cleaning pad is immersed into a solution that so that it absorbs loosely attached dirt on from the surface of the carpet. Thee is no moisture left, and the carpet dries up quickly hence this method is recommended for carpets that are laid in places that experience heavy foot traffic. Carpet cleaners will not inconvenience those who need to pass through the place when bonnet cleaning is used.

In hot water extraction cleaning or steam carpet cleaning the carpet is exposed to high pressured warm or hot water to get rid of the dirt that is trapped in the carpet’s fibers. Special equipment is used afterward to brush and rinse the carpet. It is left to dry in an air-conditioned room that has regulated temperature.

Foam encapsulation dries up faster, and less water is used, unlike when the carpet shampoo method. Chemicals that are used crystallize and dry into power so that loose dirt particles are encapsulated. The carpet is brushed or vacuumed to remove the powder. This method leaves no residue on the carpet.

Compound cleaning is another name for dry carpet cleaning therefore when you hear different carpet cleaners using these words know that they mean the same thing. The most efficient and effective method among all the carpet cleaning techniques is compound cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is the newest carpet cleaning method, and it is becoming popular among carpet owners because the carpet does not require drying after it is cleaned. The carpet is sprayed using chemicals that will bond with the dirt and the combination is vacuumed out of the carpet. Compound carpet cleaning cannot clean tough stains or a carpet that is heavily soiled hence use wet carpet cleaning under such circumstance to remove the tough stains and excess dirt.

Use shampoo cleaning for a heavily soiled carpet because it is the best method for an extra dirty carpet. When the carpet is not rinsed thoroughly, the residues of the shampoo detergents accumulate on it and make it sticky upon drying. Special shampoo detergents for each type of fiber are used to protect the carpets from damage.

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